Sunday, November 30, 2008


If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a crummy blogger. I'll explain the reasons later. Anyway, I'm trying to get into the swing of blogging, and the game of tag is an easy place to start. So, here are my responses to two different games of tag (I'll admit, on the second one, I wasn't even tagged, I just did it because it looked fun and got me thinking).

Game 1: Lucky 8's

8 Shows I Watch (or used to watch, going back a long way):

-Crusoe (the only one on this list that is current)
-Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
-Early Edition
-Who’s the Boss?
-Saved By the Bell

8 Things I Did in the Last 24 Hours:

-Taught Sharing Time in Primary
-Sang “The Wheels on the Bus” in nursery
-Gave Sally a bath
-Ate apple pie (twice)
-Danced to Christmas music
-Wrote a note to a friend
-Went to ward choir practice

8 Places I Like to Eat:

-Korma Sutra
-Jack Stack
-Wheat State Pizza
-The Cheesecake Factory
-Macaroni Grill

8 Things on my Wishlist:

-Granite countertops
-New carpet
-A new mattress
-A long coat
-Privo shoes
-A cute purse
-A draft-free house that stays warm
-Neal getting a residency in San Antonio with the Air Force

Game 2:

I am: still figuring out how to handle my current phase in life.
I think: about food and cooking way too much.
I want: to make other people happy.
I have: a sweet baby girl and a great husband.
I dislike: rude people.
I miss: my family.
I fear: not being loved.
I feel: nostalgic.
I hear: the ticking of my clock.
I smell: nothing.
I crave: chocolate.
I cry: every time I watch Mr. Kreuger’s Christmas.
I usually: go to bed much later than I plan to.
I regret: many stupid things I say that embarrass myself.
I search: for Sally’s binky way too often.
I wonder: where Neal will do his residency.
I love: laughing.
I care: about what people think about me more than I should.
I always: make things more complicated than I need to.
I worry: way too much, mostly when I’m trying to sleep.
I am not: lazy.
I remember: more than I wish I did.
I believe: in the power of prayer.
I dance: with Sally.
I sing: in my ward choir.
I don’t always: remove the “hangies” from raw eggs when baking like I used to.
I write: an email to my little sister every Sunday.
I argue: with Neal when he wants me to be sassy.
I win: only about half of the time when playing games with Neal.
I lose: every time I have a thumb war.
I wish: that Sally would let me play the piano more often.
I listen: to NPR whenever I’m in the car.
I don’t understand: why anyone would smoke.
I can usually: do what I put my mind to.
I watch: Crusoe with Neal.
I need: a haricut.
I forget: to change my contacts every 2 weeks.
I am happy: most of the time.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One whole year!

Sally is now 1 year old. I can hardly believe that I've been a mom for a whole year. At this time last year, I was wondering how I could possibly survive 1 year of nursing. Now that I'm done, I actually kind of miss it. Sally seems more like a toddler than a baby now. She is great at walking and running, crawling up (and down) stairs, and she is starting to climb things, such as overturned laundry baskets and the couch.

Although I had some misgivings about it, I gave Sally some cake for her birthday and for her birthday party (two days later). She loved it, and we now have a cute video of her stuffing her face. She still eats her veggies, so I suppose that we haven't spoiled her good eating habits. It's funny the things that I worry about that now seem so insignificant.