Thursday, April 29, 2010

All for Austin

A little over a month ago my sisters (all 3 of them!!!!), my brother-in-law Hyrum, and my parents came out to Kansas City for a visit. The event that prompted the visit was Austin's blessing. While Angie and Hyrum and my parents have visited many times, this was the first time that Alison and Abby have been to visit me. I absolutely loved having them all here. It was so much fun to spend time with everyone all together, and as an added bonus, Neal had time off while our visitors were here.

A few of my favorite pictures from the visit:

Grandma and Austin at the park:

Sally's first lesson in baseball:

Hyrum mowing our lawn:

On Sunday after the blessing the weather was absolutely beautiful and we all enjoyed lunch together and got some great pictures outside by my neighbors' beautiful flowering tree. Unfortunately, the star of the show, Austin, crashed after all of the excitement and missed the pictures.

The Dickson girls:

The Dickson family:

The Petersons and Martins:

We finally did get some pictures with Austin, although he wasn't as alert as I would have liked him to be:

It was so much fun to relax and talk with my sisters. I don't realize how much I miss them until I'm with them.

Monday, April 5, 2010

For Angie

My sister Angie gave Sally this adorable outfit more than two years ago. It finally fits (actually, the top is still too big). I need to have some professional portraits taken of Sally in these clothes (after finding a suitable undershirt). Here is my best attempt at a photo shoot--not horrible for being completely unplanned.

Thanks, Angie! If Sally were your child she'd be a lot better dressed.