Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New 'Do

At the gentle suggestion (okay, maybe not so gentle) of my sisters when they visited, I decided to get a haircut that is a little different. Based on some recommendations, I found a good stylist that isn't too pricey. Here's what came of it:

I had kind of a hard time getting a good picture of the cut, and I don't think this photo really does it justice, but at least you get the idea. It really isn't too terribly different from cuts I've had in the past, but I like it and it is still low maintenance.

When my sisters and I get together we tend to start comparing ourselves--our hair, our clothes, our weight, our tans (or, more appropriately, lack thereof), etc. No matter what any of them may say, all of my sisters are beautiful, thin, talented, smart, and wonderful in just about every way. I don't care much for comparisons, but if we are going to compare, then I'll say that Angie will always be the biggest shopping enthusiast, Alison will always be the biggest sports fan, and Abby will always be the biggest movie buff. I, on the other hand, will always spend the least time and money on my hair, make-up, and clothing. I'm okay with being the frumpy one. I have a husband who loves me, and I do shower and put on make-up every day. :)

I'm not the only one with a new 'do. Sally's hair has grown quite a lot lately, and I'm finally able to do a few things with it. I've had fun experimenting, and she is getting more used to having her hair done and is much more cooperative than she used to be. That doesn't mean that she doesn't still pull out her pony tails or rub her head everywhere, ruining her curls (all natural, I might add), but it is an improvement. Too bad she is so hard to photograph. A few photos that were somewhat successful:

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Austin C.

I'm ashamed that I haven't posted more pictures of (or info. about) Austin C. (that's what I call him most of the time, and I'm not sure why). He deserves a post of his own.

-He is so patient with me and Sally, I almost feel guilty sometimes. Sally likes to climb on top of him and kiss him repeatedly, and he hardly complains. He seems to understand that he is child #2 and has an older sister that is very demanding of mommy's time (especially since potty training is still going on), and he patiently waits his turn for mommy's full attention (which he really likes once Sally has gone to bed).

-He is very smiley and has recently started laughing.

-He has a great zeal for kicking at batting at toys in his bouncy seat--he takes it very seriously (I need to get a video). He is getting really good at reaching out and grabbing things in front of him.

-He drools like crazy, although as far as I can tell he has no teeth coming in.

-He sleeps well, but not as well as Sally did when she was his age. This frustrates me, although I know that it shouldn't and I feel guilty when I get annoyed at his occasional 5 AM wakings. Sally simply was a championship sleeper and I was spoiled (although she is trying me now--she hasn't napped since last September, and she plays in her room for sometimes more than an hour after she has been put to bed, and there doesn't seem to be anything that I can do about it).

-He is happy and very easy-going. He doesn't mind being passed around (although this may be changing--yesterday and today he had unprecedented meltdowns when confronted by strangers).

-He has very strong legs and loves "standing". He isn't a snuggly baby (neither was Sally), and always wants to be looking around and flailing his long limbs.

I am so thankful that Austin is such a good baby. He has made the transition from one child to two a breeze. I can't imagine life without my sweet little blue-eyed boy.

There's more I'd like to say about my little guy, but this will do for now. I tend to skip out on posting things that I'd really like to because I have the problem of waiting for the perfect opportunity to really sit down and put my thoughts together and mulling things over in my mind for so long that I get way behind and have to move on. I'm obviously not a very consistent or exciting blogger, but I'm trying to do better at at least getting posts out there even if the quality is less than what I'd like it to be.